Perfect Fit

Horze Kiana Women's Full Seat Breeches

I have always had difficulty finding trousers that fit me from the crutch to the waist, either being too short, too long or too tight and any Rider knows how terribly uncomfortable this can be!! I have done away with any other trousers and use now only Kiana Crescendo. I have long legs and I'm rather slim, so a perfect fit. I'm sure my riding has improved just because I feel and look good. They dont seem to get dirty like other trousers, quite remarkable. Thank you Kiana!!

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Not bad!

Horze No Turn Bell Boots

I got these for my mare to use on her back legs. She's a lipizzaner with thick bones and I think I should have gone for XFull (the strip is almost too short). Also they slip if you don't tightenen them correctly. I had problems the first few times and they kept turning but after tightenening them correctly they stayed put. Right now I use them almost daily and am very satisfied :)

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Love This

Horze Lianna Women's Club Vest

This is a gorgeous product. Its one of few gillets I have found that fits perfectly - long enough to keep you warm and flatter your figure while still being short enough to ride in. The fabric is waterproof and quite tough so its very warm and quite windproof - its much thicker than it appears on the website. The hood hidden in the collar is brilliant because it helps the collar stand up which gives more warmth and I find when I am teaching it protects the back of my neck from the wind. This has zipped pockets in each side (brilliant as I just don't understand the point of gillets without zippered pockets!) and it also has hidden elastic drawstrings inside which allow you to tailor the shape of the waist as you like it, I would definitely recommend this product. It is a great price too

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Just a dream

Horze Leah Women's Windproof All Season Riding Tights

They sit so great and are so comfortable to have on even if your just riding or having a long day in the stable. The silicon (think thats what its called) on the back has so good quality! These breeches are also so good locking and has so nice details that they are worth every cent of it.

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