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Roeckl MADISON Function Elastic Digital Serino PU riding gloves

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Trendy & functional. A special eyecatcher: the new fastener design. The material used on the palm is pulled all the way up over the wrist and fastened on the backhand with a Velcro patch. Especially beautiful: the characteristic ROECKL hand logo as a metal appliqué. But that’s not all: high-quality materials, excellent processing quality and ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT CUT ensure a comfortable fit and superior wear comfort. The backhand is made from bi-elastic Spandex material. The palm is fitted with digitally embossed PU synthetic leather, which is both wear-resistant and elastic and offers equestrians a perfect grip on the reins as well as the tactility they need. Further features: This glove is TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE.

Technical description:

Upper hand: 92% polyamide, ,6% elastic, 2% polyester with polyurethane coating. Palm: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating. Machine-washed at 30° Celsius (86°Fahrenheit).

Vendor's item number:

3301-268a-000-6, 3301-268a-000-7, 3301-268a-000-8, 3301-268a-000-9, 3301-268a-000-10, 3301-268a-000-6,5, 3301-268a-000-7,5, 3301-268a-000-8,5, 3301-268a-000-9,5, 3301-268a000-10,5, 3301-268a-100-6, 3301-268a-100-7, 3301-268a-100-8, 3301-268a-100-9, 3301-268a-100-10, 3301-268a-100-6,5, 3301-268a-100-7,5, 3301-268a-100-8,5, 3301-268a-100-9,5, 3301-268a-100-10,5, 3301-268a-050-6, 3301-268a-050-7, 3301-268a-050-8, 3301-268a-050-9, 3301-268a-050-10, 3301-268a-050-6,5, 3301-268a-050-7,5, 3301-268a-050-8,5, 3301-268a-050-9,5, 3301-268a-050-10,5, 3301-268a-860-10, 3301-268a-860-10,5, 3301-268a-860-6, 3301-268a-860-6,5, 3301-268a-860-7, 3301-268a-860-7,5, 3301-268a-860-8, 3301-268a-860-8,5, 3301-268a-860-9, 3301-268a-860-9,5, 3301-268a-755-6, 3301-268a-590-6,5, 3301-268a-590-7, 3301-268a-590-7,5, 3301-268a-590-8, 3301-268a-590-8,5, 3301-268a-590-9, 3301-268a-590-9,5, 3301-268a-590-10, 3301-268a-590-10,5

Bar code:

4044791371594, 4044791371617, 4044791371631, 4044791371655, 4044791371679, 4044791371600, 4044791371624, 4044791371648, 4044791371662, 4044791371792, 4044791371815, 4044791371839, 4044791371853, 4044791371877, 4044791371808, 4044791371822, 4044791371846, 4044791371860, 4044791371884, 4044791371693, 4044791371716, 4044791371730, 4044791371754, 4044791371778, 4044791371709, 4044791371723, 4044791371747, 4044791371761, 4044791371785, 4044791371891, 4044791371907, 4044791371914, 4044791371921, 4044791371938, 4044791371945, 4044791371952, 4044791371969, 4044791371976, 4044791371983, 4044791372034, 4044791371990, 4044791372010, 4044791372058, 4044791372072, 4044791372003, 4044791372027, 4044791372041, 4044791372065, 4044791372089

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Roeckl MADISON Function Elastic Digital Serino PU riding gloves




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The best gloves I've ever had.Fits in perfection and are very comfortable to use. Good grip

Pros: Has Nice details, Fair price
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