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Beeztees Easy Grip stainless steel bowl, 18 cm

Beeztees Easy Grip stainless steel bowl, 18 cm

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Ceramic Catdish Blue Stripes

Ceramic Catdish Blue Stripes

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Beeztees is the innovative supplier of everything you can imagine to pamper and care for your pet. This company from the Netherlands was established nearly a half century ago to offer everything your small pet needs to live a happy, healthy, wonderful life! Dogs, cats, rodents, birds and fish are our passion and giving them a premium quality of life with you is our mission.

The Beeztees Formula includes four must-have qualities: All of their products are Innovative and they are constantly striving to improve items and offer new ideas to their customers. All Beeztees products are Original. They pride themselves in creating new, fresh ideas to please the consumer. The key to a healthy dog is to stay Active and Beeztees works to offer products to encourage exercise for both pets and their owners. Finally, Beeztees products are Fun. Enjoying your pet daily should bring you great pleasure and Beeztees believes that a happy, healthy pet can provide fun for you, as well as him, for a lifetime.

Dogs need plenty of fresh air and exercise and the products from Beeztees for your canine include collars and matching leashes in bright, cheerful colors and patterns. You will have no excuse not to take your pet for a nice daily walk or two. Your dog’s collar, leash or harness is his way, and yours, to express style. The nylon is durable and will maintain the bright, friendly colors through repeated daily use. The hardware with strong rubber buckles and snap closures is easy to use and will stay in place. In addition to colorful nylon leash and collar options, a retractable leash with a LED light and strong cord will make your nighttime walks a breeze. The handle is easy to grip and allows your pooch to roam with freedom. Beeztees bones and treats are an excellent way to reward Fido for a good job or to show your affection. Every dog needs plenty of plush toys and dedicated balls or hard plastic toys to enjoy, chew and play with to keep boredom at bay. Snacks make great training aids and are available in many flavors and sizes. Crates are a safe way to make dogs feel safe. As natural pack animals, dogs love a cozy crate to create a safe haven away from the commotion of daily life around the family home. Add a soft bed and your dog will have the perfect place to hide away and take a peaceful nap.

Cats need plenty of love and attention too and will often demand it. The options for a finicky kitty include stylish litter boxes and scratching posts and perches to let your cat enjoy a fine indoor life. The toys offered from Beeztees are clever and will provide hours of entertainment for even the fussiest cats. Cat treats are available in tasty flavors too for an added daily bonus. The carriers from Beeztees make even a trip to the vet easy. Even if not effortless, these necessary outings will at least be safe and look stylish along the way.

Bird cages, houses and perches are just some of the items for these feathered creatures to enjoy life at home. Cages come in shapes, sizes and styles to look beautiful in your home and provide your bird a calm, safe sanctuary. A wooden house for an outdoor bird is a kind way to provide shelter from the elements. Beeztees also offers water and food dispensers for barnyard chickens, poultry and other farm animals.

An aquarium full of fish is a beautiful addition to any home and will provide countless hours of peaceful entertainment. Keep your fish healthy and happy with food, supplements, plants, stones and more.

Caged rodents such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets will live happily in a spacious cage with plenty of toys and activities to keep them entertained all day and night. Toys and bedding and healthy food along with fresh water from easy-to-clean plastic water bottles will keep your small pet happy and healthy.

Horze is proud to carry hundreds of items from Beeztees to ensure your non-equine friends are cared for as well as your horses. Keep the small pets in your life happy and healthy with the same special attention and optimum quality products as those of your large animals.