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Calming Supplements

Calming Supplements

Horse calming supplements can relax your excitable horse without added stimulants or side effects. Equine calming supplements can be used as part of a managed feeding programme.
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Horse calming supplements gently take the edge off an excitable horse.

Safely calm your anxious horse with a safe, proven calming supplement. The natural ingredients in these supplements can calm an edgy horse without harmful side effects. Many horses become nervous when faced with unfamiliar situations or visits from a vet or other unfamiliar people. Occasionally a nervous horse will also need a bit of help to relax during transport. The substances found in the equine calming supplements available from Horze can be incorporated into a managed feeding programme. Reducing stress in the performance horse using calming supplements can aid in training, helping easily spooked horses perform at their best.

Equine calming supplements can safely ensure your horse has a stress-free day.

Feeding horse calming supplements as part of a managed feeding regimen is a necessity for some owners of excitable horses. The addition of certain vitamins such as thiamine, magnesium, calcium and others can help reduce stress. B vitamins and natural herbs can also reduce anxiety and the products available from Horze include careful blends of natural ingredients. When your horse is relaxed and calm, it will perform better. Horses need to concentrate to be successful in the ring. By adding a gentle supplement from the high quality brands from Horze, you can ensure it is performing at its full potential.