Coat, Mane & Tail Care

Coat, Mane & Tail Care

Horse hair care helps create the proper balance of moisture when frequent washing is necessary. Maintain your horse’s coat, mane and tail with our selection of specialist products.
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Horse coat, mane and tail products for lustre and shine

Proper care of your horse’s coat, mane and tail will help it look its best both in the show ring and around the farm. Using the right balance of cleansers and conditioners will keep your horse’s coat healthy and clean and provide just the right amount of balance to keep its natural oil’s in check. Proper care and product use will help maintain the horse's coat and skin and keep it looking and feeling great. A good horse shampoo will remove dirt and debris and add shine and softness. Using mane and tail conditioners is another great way to maintain a luxurious appearance and soft, healthy hair on your horse. A detangling product will keep long tail hairs tangle-free and reduce the risk of breakage.

Horse hair care is an essential part of proper grooming and horse management.

A bright, shiny coat is the sign of a healthy horse. With proper nutrition and coat care, your horse will be the star of the show. Adding a spray-on gloss will add shine without sticky, oily residue and allow your horse to look beautiful while feeling smooth and silky to the touch. A nice clean coat will keep your horse from rubbing as it won’t be prone to dryness and flaky, itchy skin. Maintaining balance and not bathing too frequently will provide great long-term benefits for both you and your horse. A citronella-based product will add a refreshing touch to your horse’s bath while the scent will help repel insects. Caring for your horse’s coat will pay off and it will look and feel healthy and happy.