Diopet Green-lipped mussel Pure Dog, 150g

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Diopet Green-Lipped Mussel Pure is 100% pure, without any other substances what so ever. I does nothave any added sugar, starch, gluten or preservatives.Green-Lipped Mussel Pure contains an abundance of nutrients and building blocks needed for good and healthyjoints in the long run. Joint diseases like arthritis is often affecting older cats and dogs that will hinder their movement and make it harder to do simple things like ascending or descending stairs, lay down etc.Green-Lipped Mussel Pure has substances that are normally and naturally present in the body in efficientamounts, however monotonous working, hard working and aging individuals benefit greatly from supplementation. The product is also very suitable for individuals that train hard or is exposed to wear and tear on a daily basis.

Technical description:

Raw protein 52%, Crude fiber 0%, Crude fat 9%, Crude ash 14%. Freeze dried powder of Green-Lipped Mussel 100%.

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