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Sprenger Dynamic RS with fine Eggbutt, Aurigan 14mm

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Sprenger Dynamic RS with fine Eggbutt, Aurigan 14mm
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Sprenger Dynamic RS with fine Eggbutt, Aurigan 14mm


The new Dynamic RS bit gives soft but very effective instructions for better contact between horse and rider.

Technical description:

Thickness (mm): 14, Ring size (mm): 65, Aurigan with stainless steel rings / cheeks.

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The world's best bite for picky horses!

Bought this bite and he gives super nice forward offers and listens very well to it. Works super well as hope and uteritis bite. However, my horse thinks it is so good that he somehow manages to bite it ... Gets 5 out of 5 stars by me and my horse !! ;)

Highly recommended !!!

I had an exact same bite from another supplier. They actually look very similar to the eye. I switched to this and the horse goes clockwise and folds correctly in the hand / shape. Earlier, he crawled up and went behind the solder plane. Now he is satisfied anyway BUY !! You really get the best results with Sprenger. Clearly worth the price, the horse's well-being goes first


Very good bite that fits my horse who likes to curl up. He likes this very much.

The perfect bite

This bite has worked really well for me. It is incredibly soft, and lies well in the mouth of my horse. I have experienced that my horse has become more calm before I started using this bite. My horse is very sensitive in the mouth but fortunately works really well with this bite. However, the price of the bet is to discuss whether is equivalent to what you get. I do not regret investing in this bite, as I have a horse who is otherwise not very happy to walk with bite, and quickly becomes very up front with the head. But if you have a horse that does not seem bothered or otherwise needs a very mild bite, I probably would not throw as much money after this bite, as you can also get other anatomical sleeve bites at a much cheaper price.

Great bit for a soft action

I have the teeth soon 2 years and I'm super satisfied. You can act very soft and it is great to clean. After prolonged use, it does not shine as fresh as bought but still looks good. I would buy it again and again. Just great.

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