Horse Master Air Power, 1L

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Clears the respiratory tract.

AIR POWER is a mix of essential oils with honey and vitamin C which contribute to the good functionning of the respiratory tract and soothe irritations.

Technical description:

Glycerin, sorbitol, purified honey. Liquid: Analytical constituents: Moisture: 35,4 %. Crude ash: 1,2 %. Crude fat: 0,2 %. Crude protein: < 0,1 %. Crude fiber: < 0.1 %. Additives per kilo: Vitamins: Vitamins C: 16 500 mg. Sensory additives: Essential oil of peppermint. Eucalyptus essential oil. Oral paste: Analytical constituents: Moisture: 28,6 %. Crude ash: 3 %. Crude fat: 0,4 %. Crude protein: 0,4 %. Crude fiber: 0 %. Additives per kilo: Vitamins: Vitamins C: 16 500 mg. Sensory additives: Peppermint essential oil. Eucalyptus essential oil.

Usage instructions:

AIR POWER used primarily for its decongestant and beneficial properties on the respiratory tract. helps provide maximum ventilation and air flow. It comes in two forms:- Oral Paste.- Liquid. Feeding guide: Oral paste: Adult horses (>300 kg) : 50 ml. Horses and ponies (<300 kg) : 25 ml. Divide the syringe into 2 amounts of 25ml. Set the inside of the plunger ring on the 20 mark and then press up to that point. Wipe tip after use before giving second share. Give up to twice daily if required. Liquid: Shake well before use. Adult horses: 50 ml per day. Foals, ponies: 25 ml per day. Precaution for use: Formulated for horses – Keep out of reach of children – Store in a cool dry place – Replace lid immediately after use.

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HorseMaster Air Power, 1L