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Horseware Rambo

Horseware Rambo

The Horseware Rambo collection is the Rolls Royce of horse rugs. Under the name "Rambo Original Turnout" you will find rugs that leave nothing to be desired and stand out for their style, design and quality.
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Advantages of the Horseware Rambo horse blanket

The Rambo collection from Horseware is made from reinforced nylon and is available with a choice of linings to suit all seasons. These rugs are completely waterproof and breathable. You can find rugs with an integrated neck piece under the label "Rambo Plus".

The "Rambo Supreme" rugs have a glossy look, no back seam and a removable neck piece. The absolute top of the range is the "Rambo Optimo". Thanks to the Rambo split technology, it offers the horse optimal freedom of movement. This rug is split in two at the 6th thoracic vertebra and features special leg cut-outs.

For stronger horses there are the "Rambo Quarterhorse" rugs. Another speciality are the "Rambo Duo Turnout" rugs. They consist of two rugs. The top rug has a 100g filling and can be used alone as a summer rug. The inner rug has a filling of 300g. The combination of these two rugs will keep your horse warm and comfortable even in a cold climate. 

The Rhino product line caters to the medium price range. This puts it between the "Amigo" and "Rambo" lines. While rugs from the " Rambo" collection are made of reinforced nylon, the " Rhino" collection is made of polypropylene. This is also reflected in the price. Products in the "Rhino" line are less expensive, but still offer excellent quality.