Joint Supplements

Joint Supplements

Horse joint supplements provide lubrication for the joints, helping them withstand heavy work. They can also provide comfort to aging animals. Equine joint supplements come in a choice of strengths and can help treatmany types of joint stiffness.
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Horse joint supplements can keep your horse moving comfortably and performing at its best.

Adding joint supplements to your horse’s diet can provide relief to aging hocks and knees and keep your horse comfortable. Many performance horses need the benefit of joint supplements to cushion and support the bone through added lubrication. Increasing the synovial fluid in the legs by providing additional glucosamine, chrondroitin sulfate, MSM and hyaluronic acid is a smart way to ensure your horse’s joints are protected. Performance horses can lose joint function due to overwork and demanding conditions. Ensuring that the cartilage, collagen and synovial fluid is maintained can keep your horse performing at its best. 

The potent ingredients of equine joint supplements can strengthen the bone and tissue and offer relief to your horse.

Aging horses naturally lose the fluid and cushion in their joints and adding a joint supplement can keep them moving freely well into retirement. Horze offers several options to combat stiffness and encourage healthy joints.