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Trikem Sport Trikem Vimital Hyaluron, 3000 ml

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Trikem Vimital Hyaluron, 3000 ml
Trikem Vimital Hyaluron, 3000 ml
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Trikem Vimital Hyaluron, 3000 ml


Hyaluron 100. Lubricates all body joints - every day.VIMITAL® Hyaluron 100 is a feed supplement that complements the body’s own production of hyaluronic found in synovial fluid. Studies show that when applied orally, hyaluronic acid (HA) absorbs into the bloodstream and reaches the joints. Hyaluronic acid is present in synovial fluid and has a cushioning and lubricating function. The synovial fluid is also important for the supply of nutrients to the joint. After training the synovial fluid loses its viscosity and lubricating function. During rest the body produces new hyaluronic to rejuvenate the synovial fluid. If the body does not produce sufficient amounts of hyaluronic, the lubrication and shock absorbing function decreases, thus putting more wear on the joints. The body’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid decreases with age, which may be one of the reasons that older horses suffer from stiff joints. A daily supplement of VIMITAL® Hyaluron 100 helps the body to maintain the synovial fluid level and stabilise its lubricating effect in the joints.

Technical description:

DOSAGE:2 x 20ml in 10 days in feed. Then 20ml/dag as long as necessary may be provided. The bottle lasts for 40 days, then each bottle will last for 50 days.INGREDIENTS per dosage:Hyaluronic acid 100 mg.Sodium benzoate.Water.

Usage instructions:

The need to supply Hyaluronic is controlled by the load and the horse’s age. From 12-14 years old horses produce less endogenous substances. If the horse is then used for training or competition should be pre-emptive injection of Hyaluronic. Young horses that are in training often do not have time to build enough muscle to relieve the joints. The training of young horses often occurs with high frequency and it may therefore be important to give Hyaluronic before the horse had muskla itself. Most often, you do not think about supplements until you notice the onset movement disorder, lameness or at worst arthritis. Lame horses should always be examined by a veterinarian, but often the horse has signaled problems much earlier. Longer preparation, stiff movements, less impulsion are early signals. There may also be sudden stop on obstacles or unwillingness to perform dressage movements borne joints. You can also keep an eye on the horse consistently relieves leg at rest. VIMITAL Hyaluron100 given preventative or at the slightest indication that the horse is restrained in their movements. Can also be used during rehabilitation after joint inflammation, or surgery to increase the presence of Hyaluronic and promote nutrient transport in the joints.

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