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Horze Girth with Elastic

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Horze Girth with Elastic
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Horze Girth with Elastic


Shaped mini-belly girth in superior quality leather. Cross elastic at both ends. Fancy stitching and a 10mm-wide matt finish on the inside. Z-logo on right side. Silver-coloured stainless steel fittings.

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That's super!

This is a real, really good saddle belt! Yes, its price was wrong. I like it when it has those elastic in the middle and has a really cool look.


Good looking, durable and functional anyway! For both knights and trotting horses, the ace belt is right there! Indeed, the elastic is better "in between" than straight from the buckle right away. I recommend!

Horze girth elastic - - TOP !!!

since about 6 months in use - top in the OPtik / Style, super in the quality .. keeps what he promises. nice value for money ... the lifetime is to be seen since the two elastic inserts are deliberately large .... (at some point is to expect a leaching - so far, however, no trace of it).

The most BEAUTIFUL girth

I've had this girth for a short time and have gotten TONS of compliments on it. And for good reason, it is GORGEOUS. The photo doesn't do it justice. The leather is smooth and soft and it is very cushily padded. I love the elastic on both ends that's not attached to the buckles.. It provides for a more even tension when tightening and I suspect the elastic will get less stretched out over time than traditional girth elastic. The stitching is beautiful and the girth looks fabulous with my black CC saddle with contrast stitching. Soon I'm going to buy this girth again in a larger size for my other horse. You will not find another comparable girth like this online for the price. Can't say enough good about it.

Keeps saddle on glad I have one now

This girth is lovely. There are buckles that connect to straps under flap on the saddle, this seems an ingenious solution to the rider-and-saddle-flying-through-the-air dilemma. The stitching is quality as well as lovely, and the there is padding- lightly around the buckles, and nice and thick in the center. There is elastic on both sides not just one, and it's design- a wide panel with two crossing smaller straps is both comfortable to my generally uncomfortable mare, and secure for my generally insecure self. All in all a nice piece of equipment.

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