Salt Licks & Holders

Salt Licks & Holders

Salt licks provide an important supply of minerals such as sodium for your horse. Give your horse free access to a mineral lick to keep it happy and healthy.
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Why use salt licks for your horse?

Just like humans, horses need minerals and nutrients for a healthy metabolism. On hot days or after strenuous training sessions, it is especially important that your horse's salt and electrolyte balance is maintained at an optimal level. Grazing can also lead to sodium deficiency. Salt licks are an easy way to ensure your horse has access to salt. The horse can determine how much salt it needs according to its own needs. The horse needs salt licks to get nutrients that are not adequately covered even by mineral feed. A lack of salt in the diet can affect digestion and health.

Which lick is best for your horse?

There are many different types of horse licks. The classic one is probably the pressed salt lick made of rock salt. It can be either round or square and has a hole in the middle. It is perfect for the box and fits into any lick holder. As this lick is quite soft, some horses tend to nibble on it and thus ingest larger amounts of salt. Some horse owners therefore prefer to use the harder version: the natural Himalayan salt lick. As the name suggests, this lick is made of Himalayan salt, a slightly harder salt that the horses can lick in good doses. The asymmetrical salt chunks can (if they do not fit into the lick holder) be hung up well with the help of a rope, so the horse has something to do at the same time. Speaking of things to do: Likit lickstones and the corresponding accessories, such as the Bizzy Ball or the Boredom Breaker, combine the lickstone with additional fun for the horse. This way you can offer your horse entertainment in the box. As a reward or distraction in unfamiliar or unpopular situations (e.g. at the farrier's or during vet visits), so-called lick bowls are suitable, for example from Horslyx. These lick bowls are usually weatherproof and can also be used outside. Some lickstones also contain extra minerals (mineral lickstones) or herbs that have a positive effect on your four-legged friend's metabolism or respiratory tract. Natural flavours ensure better acceptance of the mineral licks, so that even fussy horses can meet their nutrient requirements. With our range of mineral licks, you are sure to find the right one for your horse! Translated with (free version)