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Cavalor DERMA WASH 500 ml

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Cavalor DERMA WASH 500 ml


Cavalor Hygienic Wash cleans the skin and kills bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Indications for use

CAVALOR Hygienic Wash cleans the skin, destroying bacteria, viruses and mould. CAVALOR Hygienic Wash was tested on several horses based on the following examinations:

1) Cleaning of the sheath in stallions and geldings

2) Disinfection of superficial wounds (2 treatments per day)

3) Foot baths for hoof wounds

These tests demonstrated that CAVALOR Hygienic Wash:

is extraordinarily effective,

ensures a fast and complete healing of pathologies

causes no irritation or skin diseases due to the softening agent in its composition

Composition and safety of the product

Antiseptic containing chlorhexidine digluconate, glycerin and isopropyl alcohol

Please note:

With reference to the official data concerning chlorhexidine digluconate, it must be pointed out that the bactericidal effect (gram positive, gram negative, yeasts, mycoses and moulds) reaches 99.99% after 60 seconds and that it remains at 92.1% or more 6 hours after application.


Can I use Cavalor Hygienic Wash product full strength, without diluting it in water?

Yes. Cavalor Hygienic Wash may be applied directly to the skin and on minor wounds

Does Cavalor Hygienic Wash replace a shampoo?

No. Cavalor Hygienic Wash is a cleanser, but it does not produce or enhance a shiny effect on the horse's hair coat.

Can I use Cavalor Hygienic Wash to disinfect my tack or other leather equipment?

Yes. Cavalor Hygienic Wash is suitable for cleaning leather gear and also helps protect it.

What is the advantage of a chlorhexidine-based disinfectant?

In contrast to other types of active disinfectants, Hygienic Wash will not dry the skin and is therefore is suitable for daily use.

A shampoo and/or soap cleanses an animal's skin and hair, removing dirt, dust, excrement, etc. However, a conventional shampoo has only limited antiseptic effects and with prolonged use can cause irritation.

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