Skin & Coat Supplements for Horses

Skin & Coat Supplements for Horses

Horse skin & coat supplements add shine and lustre to your horse's coat. Horse skin supplements condition the coat, soothe the skin, and encourage a shiny, healthy glow.
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Horse coat supplements can add shine and luster to his look.

Having a shiny coat is more about maintaining your horse’s overall health. Anyone can add a coat of oil or silicone spray to give the appearance of a lustrous coat, but a true healthy coat is created from within. Providing your horse with the best nutrition will shine through in a gorgeous coat. The skin & coat supplements available from Horze include essential fatty acids, biotin, methionine and more. These nutrients help improve hoof condition as well.

Horse skin supplements can transform a dull, rough coat into a smooth, glossy and shiny one.

Skin conditions can plague any horse and maintaining its health with a supplement can restore natural balance to its skin and coat. Including the proper vitamins and minerals in your horse's diet can keep its skin soft and free of itching and irritation. Flax seed oil and other nutrients such as lysine, zinc and folic acid can also boost the natural oils in the skin and keep the horse happy and healthy. Remember to limit bathing and only use shampoos and soaps designed for the horse’s delicate skin. Maintaining a careful balance of nutrition for your hose's skin will guarantee a glorious, show ring-ready coat.