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Sprenger Novocontact

Sprenger Novocontact

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Sprenger novocontact

The novocontact bits are Sprenger's latest addition to the bit range. Due to breeding, most warmblood breeds have less and less space in their mouths for a bit. The Sprenger novocontact bits are oval shaped to ensure a wide contact surface on the tongue. When the bit is lightly leaned on, the surface of the bit shanks lies snugly on the tongue. The mouthpiece only rotates forwards when the bit is used more intensively, thus reducing its contact surface.

Single or double bit, what should it be?

In numerous tests, the single-jointed novocontact bits have proven to be particularly suitable for horses that have difficulty approaching the hand. Sensitive horses also benefit from the novocontact bits, as the aids can be given precisely but softly. The double-jointed version is particularly suitable for horses that can occasionally come  against the hand but react sensitively to stronger action