Sprenger WH Ultra

Sprenger WH Ultra

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Sprenger WH Ultra bits

The Sprenger WH Ultra bits are a further development of the Sprenger KK Ultra. The copper-containing Sensogan ensures increased chewing action and is a good conductor of heat, which supports the acceptance of the bit. The 45° forward tilt of the bit shanks and the centre piece ensure a full contact on the tongue without pressure peaks. When the reins are tightened, the centre piece rolls over the tongue and stimulates the horse's sense of touch, which in turn draws the horse's attention to the bit. For additional focus on the bit, the Sprenger WH Ultra bits have a movable ring in the middle of the bit. This ensures that the horse is occupied with the movement in the mouth and concentrates on the bit. This means that rein aids are received softly and directly. 

Special Sprenger WH Ultra models

The Sprenger WH Ultra Soft bit has a rubber-covered centre piece. This not only directs the horse's focus to the bit like the movable rings, but also makes it more difficult for horses to pull their tongues back and possibly put them over the bit. In combination with the anatomical shape of the Dynamic RS bits, the Dynamic RS-WH Ultra bit fits snugly against the horse's mouth and thus combines the advantages of both bit models.