Horse Master Vitamix - oligo-mineral-vitamin complex, 1.5 kg

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form & vitality.

Presentation:VitamiX is a multivitamin, minerals, amino acid supplement highly concentrated, in a palatable formula. Vitamix is formulated in 2 differents pellets for guaranteed effectiveness, better reservation and to avoid interactions between vitamins and other components. Neutral pellets = Vitamins and macro elements, Red pellets= Trace elements+amino acids Indications for use as a feed balance in case of high demands (in effort support, in changing season, strain, convalescence, reproduction, growth) with cereal based diet.Properties:MACRO MINERALS Skeletal structures: bone, tendons...Hard work and concentrated feed provides proper balance to the supplementation to ensure proper utilization of minerals and vitamins.TRACE-ELEMENTS VITAMIX provides vital minerals supplied in chelated form for more rapid and complete absorption FAT-SOLUBLE A D3 E VITAMINS: the ESSENTIALS vision, Reproduction, Immunity, Growth, Mineralisation, antioxidant, muscular integrity GROUP B , WATER SOLUBLE VITAMINS Essential for carbohydrate metabolism and red cell production.Biotine to maintain the ideal level of hoof horn growth.Choline protects the hepatic cell.18 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS Brewer’s yeast provides beneficial amino acids, essential for protein synthesis, enzyme, hormones and vitamins production.

Usage instructions:

Feeding guideenclosed scoop holds (1 ml = 1 g)Before using, mix homogeneously the 2 pelletsTo be mixed with the daily ration as follows:In supplement of concentrated feed, in cases of high physical demand :• Nutritional support of high physical demand, changing season, fatigue, strain, convalescence100 g per day for 5-10 days per week• BreedingEmpty mare: 100 g per day for 10 days before heatMare in foal: 100 g per day, 10 days per month for the 3 last month of gestation and the 3 first monthof lactation• GrowthYoungstocks: 50 g per day for 5 -10 days per month2 years old and more: 100g per day for 5 – 10 yearsAs a supplement to grain and hay diets :• Foal & yearling : 90 - 120 g per day• Mare at the end of gestation : 90 - 120 g per day• Mare in lactation :120 - 180 g per day• Adult horse : 60 - 90 g per day• Light work : 90 - 120 g per day• Intensive work : 120 - 180 g per day.

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