Havens EquiForce B+, 3kg

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Havens EquiForce B+, 3kg
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Havens EquiForce B+, 3kg


Vitamine B supplement with B1, B2, B6-, and B12-vitamins, extra sulphur (as MSM) and brewer´s yeast. To be used during shedding/moulting, by fattigue, poor appetite, seniority, stress, hard work, and restitution after infections or surgery. Restores the horse´s B-vitamin level back to normal in 3-4 weeks.Horses generate B-vitamins themselves.B-vitamins play a vital part in the metabolism of a horse or pony's energy. They are a group of vitamins which are water soluble and are needed by a horse for the metabolism of important nutrients, especially protein, fat, and carbohydrates. A horse can generate its own B vitamins with help from the micro-organisms (bacteria) that populate the large intestine. When conditions are at an optimum these micro-organisms can supply all the B vitamins that the horse needs. However, many factors can lead to a decrease in horses´ own production of B-vitamins. The most common are too little or too poor quality roughage but also a diet rich in starch and/or sugar, infections, high age, poor teeth, hard work, or stress can lead to deficiencies. Furthermore the horse´s need for B-vitamins is higher than normal during periods of shedding/moulting and hard work/competition. Typical symptoms of deficiencies are fatigue, anxiety, poor appetite, prolonged periods of shedding, and poor(er) skin/coat/hooves. If deficiencies are suspected to be related to the horses´ diet a change in the diet (espcially the roughage) combined with supplementation with B+ for 3-4 weeks is normally sufficient. The same goes for shedding/moulting, and restitution after infections or surgery. When horses have extra need for B vitamins due to stress/hard work, or simply because of poorer function of the large intestine (very common among senior horses) prolonged supplementation can be beneficial. Because B vitamins are water soluble surplus B vitamins cannot be stored by a horse for later use.Palatable and easy-dosable.EquiForce B+ is based on alfalfa, natural herbs, and natural flavours which makes the product very palatable and considerably healthier than a supplement based on sugar or syrup. The product is a powder with equally high bioavailability as a syrup-based supplement but much easier and hygienic to dose. Furthermore higher concentrations of active ingredients is possible in a powder because no large volumes of liquid (water, syrup, or oil) is added.

Technical description:

Ingredients:Vitamin B premixture (B1, B2, B6, and B12), alfalfa, MSM (methyl sulfone methane), brewer´s yeast, rosemary, fenugreek, diamol, star anise oil, rapseed oil, and antioxidants.Specification:per kg:per 40 g:Vitamin B1 4.000 mg160 mg.Vitamin B2 1.750 mg70 mg.Vitamin B61.750 mg70 mg.Vitamin B1210 mg0,4 mg.MSM40.000 mg1.000 mg.Brewer´s yeast10.000 mg250 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions:All horses: 40 g/day (3 scoops), ponies: 25-30 g/day (2 scoops).Please note:This product contains solely micro-incapsulated vitamins in order to mantain full nutritional value and secure prolonged shelf life. Contains no artificial colors, flavours, nor preservation. Contains no substances prohibited by the FEI and The British Jockey Club.Storage:Dry and below 25 ºC. Keep away from sun light in closed packaging.Package sizes:1 kg jar (25 daily doses for horses).3 kg jar (75 daily doses for horses).7 kg jar (175 daily doses for horses).

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