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F.R.A Freedom Riding Articles FRA Caval Compl. Cavemore Bridle (Syst.2) w/ Scissors & Reins

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Colour: Black
Black FRA Caval Compl. Cavemore Bridle (Syst.2) w/ Scissors & Reins
Size Chart
Size A Crown B Browband C Combined Noseband D Pullback Combined Noseband E -Cheek straps Reins
P 60 cm 32 cm 65 cm 36 cm 95 cm 135 cm
C 65 cm 34 cm 72 cm 39 cm 100 cm 140 cm
F 69 cm 36 cm 78 cm 41 cm 105 cm 145 cm
XF 75 cm 38 cm 81 cm 43 cm 110 cm 150 cm

While bridle sizes generally will fit horse sizes according to the size chart, horse head sizes do vary, and you should test the bridle first to make sure it is a good fit.


When the bridle is on, there should be a hand’s width between the chin strap and the horse’s jaw, two fingers’ width between the noseband and the horse’s nose, and you should be able to fit two fingers under the browband. The browband must not be so tight that it pinches behind the horse’s ears, nor be so long that it pulls the bridle forward.

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F.R.A. bitless system 2: bitless bridles are not new! For centuries a bitless bridle was taken for granted, before it was ever thought of putting something in the horse's mouth, people simply put something around it. A rope as a halter was sufficient at the time and that is how the first bitless bridle was created. In combination with the supporting weight, leg and feeling aids, the rider's hand maintains contact via the reins, not with the mouth, but with the head of the horse. These rein aids are passed on to the nose, neck and/or cheeks. F.R.A.® bitless offers you a range of bitless bridles; sizes from shetty to shire, in various designs and materials from cotton to leather. F.R.A. bitless system 2: Working principle: pressure on nose. General: Horses naturally react reflexively to pressure on their nose, any unspoiled horse will listen to help applied to the nose by pressure. Suitability: With the bridle, it is possible to build a refined, very clear communication. The bridle gives very good discriminating signals and the experienced rider will feel comfortable with this bitless bridle in a relatively short time. In general, the bridle offers good possibilities for use with sensitive horses and in particular when breaking in young horses.


  • Version : complete english leather bridle, style cavesson complete with F.R.A.® star scissors  
  • Neck piece : anatomically formed, with softly padded
  • Head pieces : with studhook connection,
  • Throatbelt : adjustable
  • Chinbelt : softly padded, adjustable with buckels
  • Noseband : 3 rings, softly padded, size adjustable with buckels
  • Browband : softly padded, gracefull shaped with brooch
  • Reins : full leather 14mm with stud hook connections

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