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Havens EquiForce Magnesium, 5kg

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Havens EquiForce Magnesium, 5kg
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Havens EquiForce Magnesium, 5kg


Concentrated magnesium supplement for horses.

Calmer to nervous and anxious horses. Contains high levels of easily absorbed magnesium which is important for the muscle- and nerve function of the sport horse. Magnesium is also an important building block in the skeleton of all horses, regardless their age.An important macro mineral.Magnesium is an important macro mineral in the horse´s diet. It serves as a building block in the horse´s skeleton but is also of great importance for the horse´s muscle- and nerve function. Hence the muscles uses calcium for contraction and magnesium for relaxation, respectively, which is why these 2 macro minerals are equally important, But while calcium deficiencies rarely occur in horses, magnesium deficiencies are more frequent. The most common reason is too little or too poor quality roughage. Actually many soils used for intensive agriculture are also low in magnesium so even roughage with a nice appearance can have a lower magnesium content than would normally be expected. Young horses and horses in hard work also have a higher need for magnesium due to skeleton growth and increased metabolism, respectively. Even minor deficiencies can cause anxiety, nervousness, and muscle disorders such as decreased elasticity, poor(er) coordination, muscle tension, stiffness, tremors, and even reduced cardiac function. The latter can result in fattigue during hard exercise because the pumping mechanism of the heart is impaired. Furthermore insufficient supply of magnesium in the diet can also lead to weakening of the skeleton because the horse will start using the magnesium incorporated in his bones. Prolonged undersupply can therefore cause irreversible damage to the skeleton hence making the horse unable to function as a sport horse.

Technical description:

Ingredients:Magnesium oxide,rapseed oil.Specification:per kg:per 15 g:Magnesium (Mg)540 g8 g.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions: All horses: 15 g (1 scoop), ponies: 7,5-10 g (½-2/3 scoop). By prolonged use the daily dose should not be exceeded without adjusting the horse´s diet with a vitamin/mineral mixture.Please note:This product contains no artificial colors, flavours, nor preservation. Contains no substances prohibited by the FEI and The British Jockey Club.Storage:Dry and in closed packaging.Package sizes:1,5 kg jar (100 daily doses for horses).5 kg jar (333 daily doses for horses).Small daily dose:EquiForce Magnesium contains 54 % of pure magnesium which is the highest possible magnesium content of any supplement. The product is very finely ground in order to secure a high bioavailability and is taste- and odourless, which in combination a very small daily dose makes it well accepted by horses.

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