Agrobs Protein Light Flakes 15kg

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"You are what you eat" - this applies to horses, too. Balanced and healthy nutrition is indispensable for the welfare and health of horses.

Many horse owners see proteins as a provoction. Others view proteins as a key nutrient for building muscle mass and as a precondition for success in sports.
Proteins are essential for building up and maintaining bodily tissue, muscles, and fertility.

Protein requirements differ. Excessive protein consumption that is not matched to requirements does not improve performance, but negatively impacts the metabolism. Excess protein has to be excreted via the liver and kidneys at an additional expenditure of energy. The formation of many liver detoxifying enzymes depends on trace elements.
This means that excessive protein uptake can lead to a deficit of trace elements, which in turn may cause allergies and exzemas. In other words, the right protein content is very important.
Many horses require feed that is low in protein. For instance, comparisons between northern (e.g. Norwegian, Icelandic) and southern horse breeds (Arabians, thoroughbreds) have shown that protein requirements are about 10 percent lower of the northern horse breeds.
Scientific findings and observations highlight that horses often have an oversupply of protein when they are pastured, especially in spring and autumn. Basic feed that is low in protein and high in raw fiber can help create better balance.

Unfortunately, some horses develop an intolerance to certain active substances contained in herbs. Some horses dislike eating herbs, causing them to spurn herb-based feed.

PRE ALPIN® Protein Light Flakes is a basic feed with an extremely low protein content and without added herbs. It consists of grasses that are particularly low in protein and is produced without compressing aids or protein-lowering additives such as straw or bran.


  • Structured feed in form of flakes
  • Can be fed dry or soaked, ready in 5 minutes
  • High in fiber
  • Free of mould and dust
  • Special low protein mix of grasses
  • Low fructan content
  • Free of herbs
  • As basic feed (100 % hay substitute)
  • For enhancement of hay, silage, pasture
  • In spring and fall during pasture time when the grass is young and therefore contains a lot of protein but little crude fibre
  • In case of respiratory problems due to dust, herbs and mould in the basic feed
  • In case of protein hypersensitivitiy
  • For a low-protein diet
  • For horses that are allergic to herbs or that should not consume additional herbs due to a homoeopathic treatment

Technical description:

Single feed for horses, ingredients:
Grasses. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 7.20%, prececal digestible crude protein 4.90%, crude oils and fats 2.40%, crude fibre 31.30%, crude ash 5.30%, calcium 0.23%, phosphorus 0.20%, magnesium 0.10%, chloride 0.33%, sodium 0.001%, potassium 1.60%, sulphur 0. 12%, zinc 13.00mg/kg, manganese 65.00mg/kg, copper 3.80mg/kg, selenium 0.15mg/kg, starch 3.30%, sugar 9.50%, fructan 5.40%, digestible energy according to GfE 2003, 7.70 DE MJ/kg, convertible energy according to GfE 2014 6.50 ME MJ/kg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding Recommendation: as basic feed (100% hay substitute) approximately 1,2 to 1,5 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
as concentrated feed: 1,2 kg substitute approximately 1 kg of grain
for enhancement of the basic feed: 1 kg substitutes approximately 1 kg of hay
introduce new feed gradually
AGROBS® recommends softening the flakes through soaking.

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