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Havens EquiForce Lyte, 5kg

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Havens EquiForce Lyte, 5kg
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Havens EquiForce Lyte, 5kg


Highly concentrated electrolytes added chelated trace elements and powerful antioxidants. Provides optimal electrolyte and fluid balance and an effective protection of the horse´s muscles hence providing increased stamina, larger thirst, and faster recovery during/after hard exercise, transport, competition or race.The horse loses electrolytes every day!Electrolytes are conductors of impulses necessary for the horse to maintain vital life functions, such as fluid balance, digestion, and muscle and nerve function. The horse loses primarily electrolytes through sweat, but also through urine and feces. Excercise, competition, racing, hot weather or stress (eg. during transport and event participation) increases the loss of electrolytes significantly. Thus sport horses has a special need for extra electrolytes.Electrolytes ensures stable performance.Decreased performance in sport horses can often be attributed to a combination of disorder in the electrolyte balance thus also in fluid balance, and the accumulation of waste products (such as lactic acid and free radicals) generated in the muscles during hard work. Lactic acid in the muscles is a frequent cause of fatigue and muscle stiffness/tension, while free radicals are aggressive chemical compounds that attack and destroy the horse's muscle cells, weakening the immune system as well as fitness, and accelerating the aging process. EquiForce Lyte contains highly concentrated levels of exactly the electrolytes the horse looses through his sweat, which ensures an optimal electrolyte and fluid balance, as sweat losses are replaced and the horse's thirst increased. The product is additionally added easily absorbable chelated trace elements as training and stress increase the excretion of these. Powerful antioxidants as natural vitamin E, vitamin C, and essential oils neutralize free radicals and reduce the formation of lactic acid hence increasing the stamina and ensuring a better and faster recovery, which fortyfies the horse's fitness, wellbeing, and immune system, and slows down the aging process as much as possible.

Technical description:

Ingredients chlorides, carbonates, and oxides of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, dextrose, natural vitamin E (d-alfal-tocopherol), vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), chelates of cupper, manganese, and zinc, selenium yeast, rapseed oil, rosemary oil licorice, flavor, antioxidants.Specification:per kg:per 50 g:Sodium (Na)200 g10 g.Potassium (K)80 g4 g.Chloride (Cl)381 g19 g.Calcium (Ca)10 g0,5 g.Magnesium (Mg)20 g1,0 g.Cupper (Cu)600 mg30 mg.Manganese (Mn)900 mg45 mg.Zinc (Zn)1.000 mg50 mg.Selenium (Se)10 mg0,5 mg.Vitamin C6.000 mg300 mg.Natural vitamin E10.000 mg500 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions: 10 g per 100 kg horse, corresponding to 50 g to 500 kg horse. By very large and heavy sweat losses an inceased volume of 20 grams per 100 kg in a few days will be beneficial.Please note:This product contains solely chelated trace elements and micro-incapsulated vitamins, to provide the highest bioavailability, maintain full nutritional value and secure prolonged shelf life. Contains no artificial colors, flavours, nor preservation. Free of substances prohibited by the FEI and The British Jockey Club.Storage:Dry and below 25 ºC. Keep away from sun light in closed packaging. High concentration of electrolytes make the product hygroscopic and tending to form lumps if exposed to moist air. This has no impact on the effect of the product.Package sizes:1,5 kg jar (30 daily doses for horses).5 kg jar (100 daily doses for horses).

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