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Horze Mesh Fly Fringe

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Horze Mesh Fly Fringe


Add a touch of fringe to your horse's face for grazing comfort.

Add some length to your horse's forelock with this full fringe fly mask to help him keep flies away. The easy-to-attach bonnet allows plenty of airflow and freedom without a full face mask during pasture time.


  • Lightweight fly fringe
  • Perfect for grazing
  • Mesh ears
  • Hook-and-loop fastener

Technical description:

100% polyester.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle. Place the fly bonnet in an old nylon stocking to protect it during washing.

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Awesome product!

Got 2 of these for my horses. They great wonderful product. Very comfortable for the horse, the mesh over the ears allows for lots of air flow. The elastic insert on the throat latch is a great feature. My mare loves to wear hers whil we are riding.

Not ideal to leave them in the meadow, but perfect to ride with.

Not ideal to leave them in the meadow, but that's the first use we want to make. Do not hold especially because of the under-throat too large, it should be expected to scratch the entire length of the throat. On all my horses after 24 / 48h I found them under the ganaches "necklace", so not top. So they have to walk on it while grazing and tearing all the fringes and disconnecting the plastic ring of the throat, which could be more solid as a seam and at least metal. In + be careful because too big size, horse size (full) unusable even on big horses with big heads, (I have a mare SF of 1.70m), so take the size below. I put them Cob and it's perfect as a size, except still too deep throat that can not scratch further. So I have 3 caps to cap surrender and resign myself to no longer leave them in the meadow and at least use them to protect them mount outdoors, and there it is really perfect against flies and midges ears if embarrassing. Too bad that for the pre does not stick, I think it's a good idea and a good compromise between the front of simple fringes and a full face mask that changes the good view. You really need to improve the underwear so that it fits better on the meadow by being able to scratch further along its entire length without restriction, especially on the pony-sized model as it is as long as on the model horse Full or Cob it would even be necessary to scratch the return to the top of the head at the top of the cap, or to make it shorter, because there for ponies otherwise it does not go at all too much too long. But if not mounted then it is perfect.

Love these!

I just received a few of these for my horses and I love them! They fit well and I have had no issues with them so far. Nice product!

Pleased with item

Use when out hacking. Good product. Pony size fits my horse who wears a full bridle, so large sizing.


It is a good idea, but unfortunately the other mares take them off of each other.

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