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Sedelogic S curve saddle pad Medium

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Sedelogic S curve saddle pad Medium
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Sedelogic S curve saddle pad Medium
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Sedelogic S curve saddle pad Medium


The Sedelogic S-curve pad is a custom fit saddle pad excelling in pressure distribution and shock absorption, while keeping your horse cool and dry. It is meant for a variety of disciplines: dressage, show jumping, polo, horse racing, endurance, eventing as well as recreational riding.Freedom to shoulders and withers.The striking S-curve at the front gives space to shoulders and withers, allowing your horse to make larger movements. This enables unrestricted top performance.Shock absorption and pressure distribution.Because of the three dimensional weaving technique thousands of mini shock absorbers arise which result in a strong pressure peak reduction. The Sedelogic pads have been developed by means of laboratory tests of the material and field tests with horse and rider. We have conducted a series of pressure measurements for a number of horses. A peak pressure reduction of up to 50% has been found with the Sedelogic pads. The video below explains these pressure measurements.Thermapt technology.In the new S-curve pad, Thermapt technology is integrated: At the rear a rigid thermoplastic material is sandwiched creating an even larger pressure distribution and thereby reducing the peak pressure in the kissing spine area. This layer also provides a small increase in thickness, shifting the weight of the rider towards the front of the saddle, which further relieves the kissing spine area.Custom fit.Because of the thermoplastic layer with Thermapt technology you will get a custom fitting pad. After applying heat with a hair dryer the material becomes plastic. Next, the S-curve pad should be placed on the horse back below the saddle. The equestrian can start riding ride while the material becomes rigid in about 10 minutes and gets its unique shape due to the combination of the anatomy of the horse, the shape of the saddle and the weight of the equestrian.Pressure relief circle.The suspension of the stirrup is a prevalent cause of high peak pressures. The S-curve pad has a recess at the suspension of the stirrup. In this way the stirrup gets some tolerance and the surrounding absorbs the pressure over a larger area.Breathing structure.Ventilation is an important quality of a saddle pad. The warm and humid air underneath the saddle can escape and is replaced by cooler and less humid ambient air. The Sedelogic pads are constructed of a number of very breathing layers of three dimensionally woven polyester fibres. Because of the ventilation in the open three dimensional structure, less heat accumulation will occur under the saddle. Therefore also the horse back will remain dryer.

Technical description:

Medium, Length x width: 53 x 31 cm Thickness: 18-24 mm.

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Sedelogic S curve saddle pad Medium
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