Havens EquiForce E+, 1kg

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Havens EquiForce E+, 1kg
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Havens EquiForce E+, 1kg


Natural vitamin E with selenium, magnesium, and 6 amino acids.

Concentrated, natural vitamin E added chelated selenium, magnesium and 6 essential amino acids that supports and enhances the effect of vitamin E hence providing build-up and protection of the horse's muscles during training, competition, or racing. Recommended for horses in hard work/competition, horses with muscle problems (stiffness/tension), by prone to tying up, for young horses put in work, and to improve fertility in breeding animals.Protects and builds muscles.Proper training helps to build up the horse's muscles, but exercise also has negative effects; Under long-term and intensive exercise free radicals are formed in the muscles. These are very aggressive chemical compounds that can attack and destroy muscle cells if they are not neutralized by antioxidants. The result of this degradation can be measured in the blood as elevated levels of muscle enzymes. At highly elevated levels there is a severe risk of tying up. During hard exercise lactic acid is also formed in the muscles as a waste product, which can result in fatigue, stiffness/tension and swollen legs. Vitamin E and selenium together form a very powerful and effective antioxidant that is both able to neutralize free radicals and reduce the formation of lactic acid. This results in better muscle build-up, better protection against muscle damage, increased stamina, and quicker and better recovery after hard work. EquiForce E+ is based on natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), which is approx. 40% more effective than synthetic vitamin E. The product is also added magnesium, which strengthens nerve function and acts as a muscle relaxant. Vitamin E also works for strengthening the immune system and is important for fertility in both mares and stallions.Good taste and easy dosing.EquiForce E + is based on alfalfa, natural herbs and natural flavors, making the product tasty and significantly healthier than supplements based on sugar or syrup. Powder also makes dosing easier and more hygienic compared to liquid supplements.

Technical description:

Ingredients:Alfalfa, natural vitamin E (d-alfa tocopherol), magnesium oxide, chalk, amino acids, fenugreek, selenium yeast, rapseed oil, star anise oil, and antioxidants.Specification:per kg:per 40 g:Natural vitamin E50.000 mg2.000 mg.Magnesium (Mg)40.000 mg1.600 mg.Selenium (Se)25 mg1 mg.Lysin10.000 mg400 mg.Methinon+ Cystein9.000 mg360 mg.Threonin2.000 mg80 mg.Trytophan700 mg30 mg.Valin1.700 mg70 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions: All horses: 40 g (3 scoops), ponies: 20-30 g (1½-2 scoops). Only feed larger volumes after consulting your vet.Please note:This product contains solely micro-incapsulated vitamins and chelated trace elements in order to provide the highest bioavailability, maintain full nutritional value and secure prolonged shelf life. Contains no artificial colors, flavours, nor preservation. Contains no substances prohibited by the FEI and The British Jockey Club.Storage:Dry and below 25 ºC. Keep away from sun light in closed packaging.Package sizes:1 kg jar (25 daily doses for horses).3 kg jar (75 daily doses for horses).7 kg jar (175 daily doses for horses).

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