Havens EquicForce Beta+, 3kg

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Havens EquicForce Beta+, 3kg
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Havens EquicForce Beta+, 3kg


Concentrated beta carotene with natural vitamin E and selenium.

Beta carotene supplement with added natural vitamin E, selenium and amino acids. Recommended for broodmares and active stallions. Promotes oestrus and ovulation in mares and strengthen the maintenance of an achieved pregnancy. It also improves the sperm quality and quantity of active stallions.Crucial for the fertility.Beta carotene (also called pro-vitamin A) is a precursor to vitamin A, which is of great importance for the whole reproductive cycle of the mare, from oestrus, ovulation, fertilization and maintenance of the pregnancy. The substance occurs naturally in large quantities in fresh grass and fresh salvaged hay, haylage, and alfalfa. Unfortunately, during winter and in the early spring, before the grazing season, an increased need for beta carotene in breeding animals coincide with a strong decrease in concentrations of the substance in stored hay, alfalfa, and haylage hence making supplementation beneficial as preparation for the breeding season. If the mare is desired bred early in the season before the grazing season begins, it is recommended to start with the supplementation already at new year and continue until the grazing season is well underway. EquiForce Beta+ contains, in addition to high levels of beta carotene, also natural vitamin E, amino acids and chelated selenium (SelPlex®) that support and enhance the effect of beta carotene. SelPlex® tests have shown to improve the content of antibodies in the milk hence increasing the newborn foal's resilience. Natural vitamin E (d-alpha- tocopherol), which is approx. 40% more effective than synthetic vitamin E also works as a very powerful antioxidant and is therefore important for the immune system.Palatable and easy-dosable.EquiForce Beta+ is based on alfalfa, natural herbs, and natural flavours which makes the product very palatable and considerably healthier than a supplement based on sugar or syrup. The product is a powder which is easier and more hygienic to use than a liquid supplement.

Technical description:

Ingredients: Alfalfa, natural vitamin E (d-alfa tocopherol), magnesium oxide, beta carotene, chalk, amino acids, fenugreek, selenium yeast, rapseed oil, star anise oil, and antioxidants.Specification:per kg:per 30 g:Beta carotene12.000 mg360 mg.Natural vitamin E45.000 mg1.350 mg.Magnesium36.000 mg1.080 mg.Selenium (Se)45 mg1,3 mg.Lysine 9.000 mg 275 mg.Methinone+ Cysteine8.000 mg250 mg.Threonine1.800 mg55 mg.Trytophane650 mg20 mg.Valine 1.500 mg45 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions: Large brood mares and stallions: 30 g (2 scoops), pony broodmares and stallions: 15-20 g (1-1½ scoop). Only feed larger volumes after consulting your vet.Please note:This product contains solely micro-incapsulated (pro)vitamins and chelated trace elements in order to provide the highest bioavailability, maintain full nutritional value and secure prolonged shelf life. Contains no artificial colors, flavours, nor preservation. Contains no substances prohibited by the FEI and The British Jockey Club.Storage:Dry and below 25 ºC. Keep away from sun light in closed packaging.Package sizes:3 kg jar (100 daily doses for horses).7 kg jar (233 daily doses for horses).

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