Horseware Rambo Micklem Competetion Bridle

First Class For Show & Training

The Micklem bridle is not only very comfortable and flexible, but also effective and therefore loved by horses, riders and trainers. It is designed to comfortably fit your horse's head without applying any pressure on sensitive areas. The tongue protection bit clips help connecting the bit with the side rings. The durable leather is longlasting, easy to maintain and breathable. This bridle is suitable for riders and horses at every level.

- The Competition bridle is FEI approved

- Padded, single headpiece for more comfort and less poll pressure.

- Spaped cheek pieces fits comfortably around cheekbones.

- Top back straps designed to avoid the sensitive molar teeth.

- Noseband avoids pressure on nerves, reducing discomfort on the lower areas of the head.

- Noseband sits higher, avoiding pressure on fragile nose bones.

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