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Horze Durable Basket Pitchfork replacement Head

Product ID: 50222

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Horze Durable Basket Pitchfork replacement Head
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Horze Durable Basket Pitchfork replacement Head


Save that broken pitchfork, just replace the basket head.

This horse manure fork features a large, built-in basket to trap more waste, but let bedding and shavings fall through. Simply scoop the manure, tilt the fork backwards, and tap on the floor. The manure stays in the basket. Bedding falls to the stall floor. The entire design saves you both time and money in saved bedding, because all you discard is the manure. The lightweight design eases back-strain with an integrated tine stabilizer to increase durability. Handles twice as much as a regular fork. Shaped for less strain. Fits telescopic handle # 50209


  • Durable basket-shaped horse manure fork speeds stall mucking
  • Lightweight design features tough plastic tines
  • Exceptionally sturdy for dependable service
  • Pays for itself by saving bedding
  • Handles twice as much as a regular fork
  • Shaped for less strain

Average rating
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Not Durable

Save your money and don't buy this fork. I bought this fork, 3 tines broke clean off within a month. Then I bought a second one to replace it , hoping the first was just a faulty one off. Within a week a tine snapped off the new one. Only mucking out shaving beds with rubber matting. I contacted the company who wanted an explanation as to how the fork was used and photos. I jumped through the hoops. I was told that I can return the bulky fork to them and await a replacement which could take two weeks. I won't be bothering with all the hassle of posting and packing. I will be buying a different fork elsewhere.

Strong and durable

This shavings fork head is strong and durable. I have used it few weeks now and it is strong enough to pick up huge poo ad leave shavings in the bed.

Basket shavings fork head

Good points - tines fairly close together so can scoop up even the small bits of poo. Can scoop up a big amount of poo and bedding and give it a good shake without losing the poo out the sides. Reduces mucking out time. Cons- not quite as strong as I would hope. Ordered one and the first time I used it, it caught on a bit of uneven cement on the floor and snapped a tine off. Ordered a new one and carried on using it whilst waiting for delivery and another tine broke off. New one has arrived and so far, so good. Hopefully that first one was just a faulty one.

It's totally okay! :)

Great grip! now I do not lose any pluck from my other grip, as this has protection for the sides :) but too bad that it had been damaged during shipping.


It has large and ample space for lots of muck. But with my crack the one "stick". But I punched it in the wall. It still works fine. No hills to climb !!!

Size: Small

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