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Havens EquiForce Ferro, 3kg

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Blue/Light Blue Havens EquiForce Ferro, 3kg havens
Havens EquiForce Ferro, 3kg
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Havens EquiForce Ferro, 3kg
(Price includes VAT)
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Havens EquiForce Ferro, 3kg


Iron supplement with vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements.

Concentrated and easily absorbed chelated iron, added essential amino acids, vitamins and chelated trace elements. Recommended for horses with low blood count (generally appear after viral and bacterial infections, during periods of hard work or stress as well as by inadequate feeding).Important for oxygen transport.Iron is a vital part of the red blood cells, hemoglobin, which provides oxygen transport to the muscles. Low hemoglobin levels (low blood count) are rarely caused by too little iron in the diet but more often because the horse for various reasons has problems absorbing iron. Low blood count is most abundant in horses in hard work, by stress, and after infections or surgery. However, it can also occur if the feed ration is not properly composed. This is especially true when feeding with grains without supplementing with a feed supplement or a vitamin/mineral mixture but also too little or too poor quality roughage can cause poor(er) absorption of iron. Low hemoglobin levels impairs the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to the muscles - especially during exercise, resulting in increased lactic acid formation and hence in fatigue, tiredness and poorer performance. Supplementation with iron can raise the hemoglobin level to a normal level, but it must be ensured that the iron supplement has a high bioavailability. EquiForce Ferro contains solely chelated iron added B vitamins, vitamin C, essential amino acids, and chelated trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium. All the substances combined result in a unique product that ensures maximum uptake of iron and supports hemoglobin formation thus raising the horse´s blood count back to normal level in 3-4 weeks.Good taste and easy dosing.EquiForce Ferro + is based on alfalfa, natural herbs and natural flavors, making the product tasty and significantly healthier than products based on sugar or syrup. The product is a powder with equally high bioavailability as a syrup-based supplement but much easier and hygienic to dose. Furthermore higher concentrations of active ingredients is possible in a powder because no large volumes of liquid (water, syrup, or oil) is added.

Technical description:

Ingredients: Vitamin B premixture, alfalfa, chalk, chelates of iron, zinc, manganese, and cupper, lysin, methionin, cystein, brewer´s yeast, diamol, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), rosemary, fenugreek, selenium yeast, star anise oil, rapseed oil, antioxidants.Specification:per kg:per 40 g:Iron (Fe)7.500 mg300 mg.Zinc (Zn)4.000 mg160 mg.Cupper (Cu)1.500 mg60 mg.Manganese (Mn)2.000 mg80 mg.Selenium (Se)15 mg0,6 mg.Lysin7.500 mg300 mg.Methionin + cystein8.500 mg340 mg.Vitamin B11.750 mg70 mg.Vitamin B21.250 mg50 mg.Vitamin B61.000 mg40 mg.Vitamin B1212 mg0,5 mg.Vitamin C 7.500 mg300 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding instructions: All horses: 40 g (3 scoops), ponies: 20-30 g (1½-2 scoops). Only feed larger volumes after consulting your vet.Please note:This product contains solely chelated trace elements and micro-incapsulated vitamins, to provide the highest bioavailability, maintain full nutritional value and secure prolonged shelf life. Contains no artificial colors, flavours, nor preservation. Free of substances prohibited by the FEI and The British Jockey Club.Storage:Dry and below 25 ºC. Keep away from sun light in closed packaging.Package sizes:1 kg jar (25 daily doses for horses).3 kg jar (75 daily doses for horses).7 kg jar (175 daily doses for horses).

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Havens EquiForce Ferro, 3kg
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