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Horze High Visibility Reflective Vest

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Horze High Visibility Reflective Vest


Stay visible after dark with this safety vest.

Wear this reflective safety vest with built-in LED flashing lights during your next after-dark ride. The mesh vest is designed to maintain shape while providing ultimate visibility.


  • Safe, reflective riding vest
  • Maintains shape and allows full range of motion
  • Adjustable waist with hook-and-loop fasteners strap

Technical description:

Battery not included.

Washing instructions:

Rinse with warm water, hang dry.

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A "must have" in the stable!

As my horses are quite deserted and the hiking trails are winding through deserted roads with poor lighting, I decided that ordinary reflexes were not enough. Equipments for the horses: bone reflex, reflex tire, chest reflex, pulley and bridle reflex and tail flare reflex. For rider, helmet reflex and blinker reflex on arm. In spite of this, we often fell victim to high-speed cars on slightly obscure roads, which could then get a little close before they discovered us, often resulting in the horses becoming uneasy. After I purchased the ReflectRider reflective vest, this has not happened. Motorists have stopped and said that they think it is great that we make ourselves so visible and several have commented that they saw the blink long before the turn / hilltop and thus slowed down on the go. The minus is that the battery pocket is not very sturdy and has experienced that the battery "pops out" so it must be taken out of the pocket to be fixed for the light to work. Otherwise great design, light and free and move in. Recommended!


Is without a doubt the best purchase I have made for our stables. After putting on the life jackets, we have not been surprised by neither motorists, cyclists nor moped drivers. Have experienced that other traffickers stop and boast that we have made ourselves so visible and that they could see us long before the hilltop / turn. We have all other equipment: for horses, reflective cover, bone reflex, chest reflex, tail band and tail reflex and reins. To the rider we had helmet reflex and reflective vest. Only difference now is the blinker. It is VERY well visible, light and free in design and use and the only drawback is that the pocket where the battery is located is a bit large so we have experienced that the battery has bad contact. We easily solved this with a piece of tape. Highly recommended for those who ride in the afternoon / evening now during the winter months. Lifeguard for everyone, but especially us who have horses on small deserted stretches where motorists often do not expect horses on / along the road! No one in our stable can ride without the darkness falling!

Stay in the dark!

This riding vest is cool and so it is really useful if you are one who rides when it is dark. It has reflexes so you are seen by oncoming. It is useful if you are someone who rides out :) Obviously very worthwhile as it is important to be seen in traffic! Worth the price!

Good thing

The reflex is very good when you go on a horse riding on a winter day. It glows red and appears from several meters away. Easy to touch ♥


Very light and looks great! Batteries you have to buy, but it is ok.

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