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Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups

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Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups
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Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups


The new dimension of stirrups provides supreme comfort and enhanced security. Suitable pads: 16135.

Technical description:

Material: stainless steel.Sold in pairs.

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Amazing stirrups!

I haven't had them in so long, but I'm so happy with these stirrups! Have always struggled with my right ankle hurting and getting numb in the end, but with these stirrups I don't get hurt at all and I don't lose the feel in my foot. So if anyone is struggling with the same problem I would definitely recommend these!

Great stirrups, I love to ride

Great Stirrups, Safe and Knee-friendly. I sometimes have knee pain, with these flexible irons no problem. The wide tread I find very pleasant, you lose the hanger so nciht so fast.

New love

Have had problems with an old injury in the ankle which made me unable to ride but get hurt in the ankle. With these stirrups I haven't had any pain yet and have been riding them for 1.5 weeks :) A little hard it costs a lot, but well worth the money!


For me who has arthritis and has struggled a lot with the legs falling asleep while riding due to pain in the ankles and knees, the stirrups here are absolutely superb. Have had mine for maybe a little over a year and not a single time have I felt the pain of riding after I bought them. Have also dropped a lot of times after I bought them and can safely say that the foot is slipping right away. So these are really recommended.

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