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Pavo Fertile has been specially developed to support the fertility of mares. The special composition promotes the cycle and contains all the important building materials to support healthy egg development. Pavo Fertile is particularly well suited for mares that show little or no typical behaviour during the heat.
Pavo Fertile contains a high level of vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B11 (folic acid), which is important for good fertility. In addition, beta-carotene (β-carotene) together with the trace elements copper, zinc and manganese ensure that the mare's metabolism is optimally stimulated before and during fertilisation. Pavo Fertile does not contain wheat, so this supplementary feed is also suitable for horses that are sensitive to gluten.


  • Supports the fertility in mares
  • Supports a healthy development of the follicle
  • Promotes a clearer showing of signs of heat
  • Contains vitamin E, beta-carotene and trace elements

Technical description:

Analytical constituents:
Calcium 1.1 %
Sodium 0.25 %
Phosphorus 0.45 %
Crude ash 10 %
Crude fibre 18.8
Crude fat 3.2 %
Crude protein 14 %
Starch 12.3
Sugar 2.8
Energy (ME) 4.2 MJ/kg

Beta-carotene 4.000 IU
Folic acid (vitamin B11) 300 mg
Vitamin C 5.000 mg
Vitamin E2 7,350 IU
Copper (3b406) 250 mg Organic
Manganese (3b505) 1,100 mg Organic
Zinc (3b612) 1,300 mg Organic.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation:
You should start daily feeding 3 weeks before the expected horse date and continue for another 30 days after mating.

Horse (approx. 600 kg): 100 g per day
Pony (approx. 300 kg): 50 g per day

Alfalfa / rye feed meal / soya oil NGMO / dextrose.

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