Emin Reumaguard Rosehip powder, 700 g

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Reumaguard is the complete, natural vitamin and mineral supplement. It contains all B vitamins, A, C, D and E vitamin and is also rich in minerals and trace elements. Reumaguard is pure and undiluted rosehip powder from rosehips grown in South America.
Rosehip powder is rich in a number of natural nutrients that benefit the whole body, including heart, joints, skin and fur. It is rich in natural antioxidants which helps to protect against free radicals (free radicals degenerate cells and hurries ageing). Rosehip powder can also contribute to increased mobility.

Technical description:

Composition: 100% pure, coarsely ground rosehip powder for horses.
Registered with the Swedish Board of Agriculture as a supplementary feed. Reumaguard is also produced under quality and environmental controls according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Analytical ingredients:
Crude protein 6,5 %
Crude fibre 4,7
Crude ash 2,1 %
Crude fat 3,8

Additives mg/100 g:
Vitamin C, 565
Calcium, 630
Vitamin E, 4,7
Magnesium, 170
Vitamin B2, 0.99
Phosphorus, 162
Vitamin B3, 0.96
Potassium, 96
Vitamin B1, 0.21
Copper, 10.9
Vitamin B6, 0.20
Manganese, 3.9
Vitamin K, 0.060
Fluorine, 1.9
Vitamin A, 0.0011
Iron, 1.9
Vitamin B12, 0.0005
Sodium, 1.8
Zinc, 1.1
Sulphur, 1.0
Selenium, 0.022
Iodine, 0.0093
Aluminium, 0.0087
Nickel, 0.0079
Molybdenum, 0.0021
Cobalt, 0.00051
Lithium, 0.00041
Chromium, 0.00020
Silicon, 0.85
Boron, 0.15.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: For the first 14 days 10 g/100 kg body weight, thereafter 5 g/100 kg body weight per day. 1 dosage = 40 grams.

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