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Supplemental feed for horses. Muscle Builder is a purely natural, purely plant-based and high-grade supplemental animal feed that supports muscle growth. It is based on naturally cultivated and carefully selected fresh water algae. Muscle Builder naturally contains a very balanced combination of high-grade ingredients, such as: omega-3 fatty acids, 21 amino acids in a unique composition, anti-oxidants, minerals and carotenoids. Muscle Builder with micro-algae, alfalfa and a fresh apple flavour is offered in a mini-pellet that horses are familiar with. Muscle Builder contains a unique mixture of 2 species of micro-algae: the blue-green Spirulina and the green Chlorella. Both species have long been known for their positive effects on the immune systems of sport horses, as well as their ability to recover from injuries. Alfalfa has long been used in horse feed for its beneficial effects on the growth of muscle, bone and tendons. Muscle Builder is not a performance-enhancing drug and will not lead to a positive reading.

Technical description:

COMPOSITION:Ingredients: fresh water algae (40%, a mixture of Spirulina and Chlorella), lucerne meal, sucrose, fructose, soybean oil, apple aroma. Analytical constituents: crude protein: 28.7%, crude fibre 7.7%, crude fat 5.3% (of which 13% omega-3 fatty acids), crude ash 4.6%.

Usage instructions:

Muscle Builder can be directly fed to the horse in the recommended dosage for adult horses: 50 grams a day (2 measuring cups). For smaller horses and ponies, use 25 grams a day (1 measuring cup). Muscle Builder is most effective when fed to a horse daily for at least 4 weeks. Your horse's physique and stamina will improve after 2-4 weeks, depending on your horse's basic health. Muscle Builder's effect becomes apparent through your horse's ease of movement, motivation, health, shining coat, muscles (particularly the hindquarters, loins, back and neck) and general well-being. A levelled-off measuring cup is approximately 25 grams. This measuring cup is included.STORAGE:Store the product in a cool and dry place and make sure the jar is closed tightly.

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