Trikem Energy Oil, 5L

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Energy from different fatty acids.

Trikem Energy Oil is an oil with different fatty acid lengths that are easily absorbed. For this reason, it provides about 3 ½ times more energy than conventional concentrate. Ideal to supplement a ration with more energy but less starch at the same time. Fat is on the one hand well tolerated by the intestine and on the other hand does not influence the horse's temperament. Too much starch can affect the stomach and the rest of the digestive tract and is one of the most common reasons for the extensive problems with stomach ulcers. Energy Oil contains various short-, medium- and long-chain fatty acids which optimise utilisation and allow the horse to access large amounts of energy quickly and efficiently. The addition of lecithin aids digestion and has a gentle effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa. With increased dosage before hard work, you get a balanced horse with even more stamina. In the long run, it is less strain on the horse's stomach and intestines. It sets the stage for good nutritional intake, increased stamina and a healthier life.

Technical description:

Composition: Rapseed oil, Coconut oil, Linseed oil, MCT-oil from coconut oil, Lecithin (60g/kg).

Fatty Acid Distribution:
Monounsaturated fatty acids 35,7%
Saturated fatty acids 28,4%
(where of MCT-fats) 20,5%
Polysaturated fatty acids 35,9%
Omega 3 14,2%
Omega 6 21,7%

Additives per kg: E-vitamin acetate 0.25g.

Usage instructions:

Feeding recommendation: 0,25 - 1 dl per 100 kg body weight and day, or based on energy deficit in the feed ration.
The total intake of fat should not exceed 100 g fat per 100 kg body weight and day. Oil should be introduced gently.

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