Horse Master Hoof repair Liquid dispenser bottle, 1 L

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Liquid Biotin.

Hoof Repair is a valuable complementary feedingstuff for foal and yearling hoof care and for all horses with poor quality, brittle, cracked, slow growing, white crumbly hoof horn. Hoof Repair helps maintain good physical hoof condition by providing balanced and nutritionally significant levels of Biotin, Methionine and Zinc in a highly palatable base.For best results use Hoof Repair for 4-6 months.

Technical description:

CompositionGlucose, Propylene Glycol.Analytical ConstituentsCrude Protein 6.4 %Crude Fiber <0.5 %Crude Fat <0.1 %Moisture 51.8 %Ash0.6 %Additives per KgVitamins:Biotin 480 mgAcide pantothenic 1 370 mgAmino-acids:DL-Methionine 30 200 mgTrace-elements:E6 Zinc (zinc oxide) 2 740 mgE4 Copper (copper sulphate) 205 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding GuideThe amounts to be given daily mixed with the feed are as follows:Ponies and Foals: 15 mlYearlings and Middleweight Horses: 30 mlHeavy Horses: 45 ml1 L is sufficient for one month at 30ml per day. For best resultscontinue feeding for 4 to 6 months. For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a coolplace. Replace lid immediately after use.

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