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Sprenger Sprenger Dynamic RS Sensogan Jointed Pelham 16mm

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When measuring the bit size, always measure the length from the inside of one bit ring (or cheekpiece) to the inside of the opposite one. Make sure the bit is straightened. The thickness of the bit is always measured just inside the bit ring. When placed in the horse’s mouth, there should be max. 5mm (¼") play on either side of the bit.

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Conventional single jointed bits have a production related characteristic: one part of the mouthpiece is longer than the other which results in stronger influence on one tongue-edge. To avoid the problem of exerting uneven pressure with a regular single jointed bit, Sprenger recommends to use TURNADO or single jointed Dynamic RS bits. The joint of these bits has been angled forward by 45 degrees in order to guarantee an even distribution of pressure on both sides of the tongue. Brilliant for horses that are overactive in the mouth playing too much with the lozenge and therefore unresponsive to the signals of double jointed bits.


  • Ergonomical shape allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure, middle link is angled forward by 45°
  • Fits anatomically correct between tongue and palate, allows effective rein aids
  • The leverage effect on the poll can be varied by different rein options
  • Often used in combination with bit converters or with 2 reins
  • Curb chain should allow a maximum angle of 45° to limit the poll pressure
  • The rein aids com into play earlier due to the lever action of the short cheeks

Technical description:

Thickness: 16mm, Shanks: 4,5cm.

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