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Roeckl ROECK-Grip Fleece Gloves

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Roeckl ROECK-Grip Fleece Gloves


The ROECK-Grip is our most successful Autumn/Winter model. The classic asts not only a chic appearance, but also features light, elastic material. This glove is like a second skin, which translates to the highest level of sensitivity for controlling.

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These gloves have a really good grip and are warm. Have remained intact, in no way broken. I can't really say anything negative about these! :)


The gloves warm well and are very soft to the fact that they are lined. Relatively thin too, so they are not suitable in the woods in the middle of winter, but in the riding house they are perfect! Rigid price, and I miss some more detailed details, as all the gloves are so similar.

Roeckl ROECK-Grip winter gloves!

These gloves are very comfortable to wear, and you get a very good grip on them!

gloves you do not know you are wearing

the gloves have a great fit, it is almost as if you do not know that you are wearing gloves. Yet they provide good grip and comfort. But the downside is that they wear out quickly on the grip surface so they can look a little worn, but still do not completely lose the grip. In addition, watch is relatively expensive.

My faithful follow through mild winter days

Of all the gloves I've worn, I can say with my heart that these are the best I've had! With a simple and delicious design, this glove fits as cast on the hand. But of all I am most surprised at the quality. I have been wearing the same glove pair for almost a year and have only seen minimal wear where the reins are, despite the fact that I have been hand washing the gloves. The thin lining makes the gloves not fit well on cold winter days on horseback or workouts, but I must say that few gloves do so in Norway's harsh winters. The lining does not make the glove clumsy to wear, and it lends itself perfectly to rallies or workouts in the fall and spring, and slightly milder winter times. I am otherwise very happy with the gloves, which I expect when I pay one for gloves. I would have bought a new pair without hesitation if mine had taken the evening.

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