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Horze Stable Boots

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Horze Stable Boots
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Horze Stable Boots


These sturdy stable boots will make barn chores a pleasure.

Practical, durable stable boots that provide comfort, safety and grip while you muck stalls or pitch hay. The easy hook-and-loop closure, warm terry lining and oxford nylon upper add comfort and support.


  • Practical stable boots
  • Warm terry lining
  • Oxford nylon upper
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure

Washing instructions:

Rinse with water. Air dry.

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Nothing wrong with the shoes more than it was apparently large sizes. Unfortunately, I did not observe your generous return system until I tried the shoes outdoors, (not in a stable environment). If I had read on properly then would have returned to get a pair of size 42 instead. Sincerely, Rolf Hallberg

Just right up and matching in size!

The Velcro fasteners make putting on and taking off easy, the width can be well regulated. The trouser legs, z. As a pair of jeans, can be easily worn in it, a little more pants legs can also be well "stowed". The shoes are waterproof and if the mud does not go over the ankle, they do not stick with normal to wide foot ;-) With narrow feet you need at least thick socks or pads for a good fit of the shoes. They are robust and well-lined, a warming insole for the soles, I can still imagine cute in really cold temperatures. They are not too heavy, but also not lightweight. For the price a good offer!

Poor quality in the soles

The shoes are warm, but the insole feels broken against my foot. They can't do teamwork when the sole feels so bad against the soles.

Absolutely decent shoes

Anyway at that price. The seam on one shoe went up the second time they were used, but it could be fixed. The shoes are not particularly warm, so wool soles and knit socks must be worn inside when it is cold. All in all, very good shoes, recommended for those who need a pair of cheap and decent stable shoes.

Reasonable and decent shoes

These shoes are perfectly ok in terms of price and application. I used them also when I rode, but they are not so warm so it pays to wear wool socks. Size wise they are a little big in size. I use 39 / 39-1 / 2 and bought these in 39 and yet they are spacious. But not really a disadvantage when you have space for wool socks that fill it up a bit. All in all, a good shoe at a reasonable price.

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