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Agrobs - Natural, species-appropriate and healthy feeding

We are responsible for our horse and its health as a faithful companion and friend. In addition to husbandry, feeding also plays a major role. Agrobs takes this responsibility to heart with great conviction - by producing and selling the best horse feed with grasses and fibres from the Bavarian Alpine foothills. In 1993 Jakob Berger founded Agrobs, a company dedicated to the development of natural raw fibre products. Since 2007, his two sons have taken over the company and continue to run it in the spirit of their father. The entire team stands behind the philosophy and quality of Agrobs products. 

Species-appropriate ingredients combined with high quality ensure that the horse can metabolise the feed optimally. The meadow grasses and herbs that Agrobs processes come from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, which results in short production routes - an important point for this environmentally conscious company. In order to meet the requirements of species-appropriate feeding, Agrobs feed is based on basic feed rich in crude fibre, which is supplemented with minerals, vitamins and trace elements. 

Agrobs horse feed for athletes, leisure horses or seniors

Metabolic disorders such as PPSM or stomach problems place special demands on feeding. When the horse competes in sports, extra energy and muscles are needed. At Agrobs you will find grain-free, species-appropriate mueslis and supplementary feeds for your horse that meet the highest quality standards. Agrobs horse feed is free of molasses, low in sugar and free of artificial additives, making it ideal for horses with special nutritional requirements. 

Best of Agrobs

In addition to grain-free concentrate and supplementary feeds such as Alpengrün Muesli or LeichtGenuss, Agrobs also offers grain-free mineral feeds and even grain- and molasses-free supplementary feeds from the PUR line, such as Pure Zinc, Pure Amino or Pure Trace Elements. In addition to supplying essential omega-3 fatty acids, Pure Omega 3 oil is also ideal as a supplement for feeding horses that are too thin. For sport horses with increased energy and amino acid requirements, the Oat Meadow Sport Muesli is suitable: rich in natural energy and protein sources, this feed is very well tolerated and meets the increased requirements.