Bradoon Bits

Bradoon Bits

Bradoon bits complete the double bridle. They are somewhat smaller than the traditional Weymouth bits, but just like them they are usually single jointed and have loose rings. Together with the Weymouth bit they form the double bridle.
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Bradoon Bits - an essential part of the double bridle.

A Weymouth bridle is used together with a Weymouth bit to make it less sharp. On its own, the Weymouth bit is a sharper bit because it consists of a bar bit with leverage.

The bradoon bit is placed over the Weymouth bit. Two reins are clamped in the Weymouth bridle and so it is possible to influence the bradoon bit or the Weymouth bit

Bradoon bits are available in Sensogan and Aurigan and from well-known brands such as Horze and Sprenger. Discover our selection now.