Cavalor, founded in 1989, develops feed, feed supplements and care products for horses. With the aid of a team of specialists developing the products, Cavalor also strives to support its innovative products by conducting fundamental scientific and practical research. Through this combined working method, over the years Cavalor has built up a significant practical and technical knowledge that allows it to develop effective products. There motto is, “When the result counts, you count on our knowledge.”
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Innovation. Quality. Results. That is what makes Cavalor special.

Cavalor was founded in 1989 under the guidance of Peter Bollen. His passion for horses and nutrition led him to create this leader in the area of equine supplements and horse care products. Later in 2000, the Cavalor feed line was introduced to target high level performance horses. The strict quality control and highly palatable recipe of this exceptional product began to transform horses within a matter of weeks. With noticeable results and improved performance, the choice became clear that Cavalor horse feeds were making a difference in these equine athletes. With continuous research and improvement, the quality of Cavalor has steadily improved and many horses who were uninterested in their feed in the past began to actually enjoy feeding time. Owners were thrilled to see the improvement in physical condition as well as mental well being and this brand became the ultimate standard unparalleled in the equestrian world. These horse feeds, supplements and care products are the best on the market to achieve optimal results with your horse regardless of your sport or need.

While Cavalor began in Belgium, over the next 20 years, it has spread to become the industry leader in over 50 countries and has established itself in the Middle East and now North America with the help of acclaimed international competitor Michael Pollard. In addition to the line of horse feeds, the supplement choices are abundant and there is a product to fit your desired need. From vitamins for foal health and vitality to products to improve muscle and coat condtion, Cavalor has the perfect supplement for your horse. Choose products to calm the excited horse or give a burst of energy to the sluggish one. There is a product for every need in this extensive product line. With proper guidance, supplements can be combined to achieve the desired result and give your horse an advantage in premium performance and health. The thorough testing and quality control of the Cavalor brand will give you the peace of mind you need to feel confident feeding these products to your beloved horse. These supplements, when fed according to the manufacturer’s or your veterinarian’s instructions, can improve the health of your horse and help treat and maintain many conditions.

The line of horse care products includes liniments and washing detergents as well as mane and tail brighteners and hoof care products. Ointments and salves as well as poultice packs and clay can complete your first aid and treatment kit. Follow up your daily horse care and riding sessions with proper tack care using several of the luxurious leather care products from Cavalor. Maintain your tack and equipment carefully using these products made with only the finest and most respected ingredients on the market.

The Cavalor line of products has been respected and revered for years and the quality is unmatched. The science behind Cavalor products is based on years of practical research and was created by equine enthusiasts for the discerning equestrian. Results count and getting there with Cavalor products is the only way to go.