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Christ is a German family-owned business with worldwide distribution. They have been making high-quality leather and sheepskin products for over 50 years and since the beginning of the 90s have also provided a medical sheepskins product range. Their own tannery is one of the most modern in the world and it has received several awards from environmental organisations for its environmentally compatible production methods and its exemplary working conditions.
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In 1954 the family-owned business of Christ Lammfelle was started in Gondershausen, Germany and began with leather and sheepskin garments for men and women. Over the past 60 years, Christ Lammfelle products and stores have expanded and now include factories in Germany, Uruguay and the Philippines.


Quality sheepskin products from Christ

German-made Christ Lammfelle products are created from medical quality sheepskin wool and are designed to withstand the rigours of eventing while maintaining their shape and softness. The natural qualities of pure sheepskin provide a breathable, useful saddle pad for your horse’s back while offering a fresh alternative to synthetic materials. These saddle pads are easy to care for and are completely machine washable. The pure wool is never bleached and will withstand repeated use and washing. Christ Lammfelle owns a tannery to treat their lambskin products in their raw state to process and protect. Beginning the the late 1990s, the tannery was awarded numerous certifications and acknowledgments from environmental groups to protect the environment and deliver safe, healthy items. Products from Christ Lammfelle will last for years and look and feel as great after hundreds of washings as they did on day one.

Sheepskin saddle pads and girth covers from Christ

Christ Lammfelle sheepskin products include noseband covers to keep tack from rubbing and chafing. Protecting your horse’s nose from the pressures of the bridle with genuine, soft, natural sheepskin is the smart way to ensure your horse is comfortable and enjoys a well-fitting bridle. The rolled edges of half pads and dressage pads are created with the same soft pure wool sheepskin as the other saddle pads in the collection. Guards for the crown piece of your favorite bridle are padded with luxurious sheepskin and can add protection to the horse’s sensitive poll. A contoured sheepskin-lined girth is a perfect alternative for keeping a traditional leather girth from pinching. Try a soft sheepskin liner to cover a classic leather girth and add the protection of a Christ Lammfelle sheepskin girth to the girth you already use. The bareback pad from Christ Lammfelle is crafted almost entirely of soft wool sheepskin to make your bareback rides comfortable and warm.  A fleece-covered grooming mitt is the ultimate tool to add to your grooming kit .

Highest quality sheepskin equestrian products

Once you try a Christ Lammfelle sheepskin product you will understand why these pads have been the choice of German riders for years. The natural sheepskin acts as a breathable layer of protection and adds softness without the bulk of heavier synthetic materials. The qualities of sheepskin will not cause allergies or disturb the natural balance of the necessary oils in the horse’s skin. The soft wool will keep a protective barrier between your horse’s body and its tack to ensure the skin and coat are cushioned for optimal health and comfort.

In addition to their extensive Horsedream collection of equestrian items, Christ Lammfelle has products for dogs (Dogsdream) as well. Christ Lammfelle products are the natural choice to pair with your favorite quality leather products and provide the most comfortable and dependable equipment your horse can wear.