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German-based Effol has been making horses happy for over 110 years. The premise behind these products is friendship. Effol believes that the horse and owner relationship is built on love, kindness and trust and ultimately, friendship. Having horses should be a joyful, pleasant experience and developing the relationship between horse and human is essential. The products from Effol were created to reinforce that friendship and have developed over the years as a tool to earn trust and show care.

Products from Effol are designed to make horses happier and more comfortable and the entire horse ownership experience a positive one. Using products from Effol should only enhance your time with your horse while ultimately leaving him healthier and giving you peace of mind. Effol products are natural and will not irritate or cause skin conditions.

Horses reluctant to accept the bit will benefit from Effol’s Mouth Butter. This high quality salve will moisten and nourish the skin and add a pleasant taste to the bit to make your tacking up experience more enjoyable. Try the natural insect repellents from Effol to shield your horse from summer’s pesky flies. Not only will this solution ward off bugs, it will enhance the skin and even prevent summer eczema. The fragrance of this fly repellent is light and will not smell like chemicals yet is strong enough to repel the worst flying pests.

Mild shampoo not only keeps the horse clean but will not damage the coat and skin. The White Star Spray Shampoo is designed for stubborn stains on white and grey horses and will make it a breeze to keep their coats fresh and bright. The easy-to-use spray bottle means you can spot clean and avoid saturating the entire coat when it is not necessary. Effol makes it easy to keep your equine friend looking clean while avoiding unnecessary daily baths.

Laurel oil and lanolin is the base for the popular Effol hoof oil. This solution promotes healthy hooves while increasing their elastic, soft, pliable walls. The hoof will not succumb to cracks and damage if it is properly moisturized and this natural hoof oil, when used regularly, will ensure your horse’s hooves are healthy. Preventing a worn or damaged hoof is key to a lifetime of happiness for horse and owner.

No matter which Effol product you choose, you horse will be happy and healthy as you build these products into your daily routine. Spending quality time with you horse is essential to building a lasting friendship. Adding products like Effol to his daily stable care is a gentle way to increase your bond and guarantee lasting friendship between you and your horse. Enjoy the products from Effol along with your other Horze essentials to maximize your precious stable time with your equine friend. From topical ointments and sprays to treats and butters, Effol has exactly the products you need to pamper your horse and leave the barn each night with a smile on your face.