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Pavo E'lyte 3kg

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Mix of electrolytes for sport horses.

When your horse sweats heavily it loses, alongside fluid, a lot of important body salts such as calcium, sodium, potassium and chlorine. With a shortage of electrolytes, your horse can retain less fluid, the elasticity of the skin diminishes and its staying power reduces. Pavo E’lyte, given before exercise, enables your horse to build up a reserve of fluid and electrolytes.Optimal electrolyte levels are maintained longer during and after the exercise period, the lactic acid in the muscles is more quickly neutralized and the blood iron level is also more rapidly restored.


  • Before and after intensive performance
  • In high temperatures
  • When sweating heavily

Technical description:

Contains:AlfalfaSodium chlorideWheat middlingsDextroseMagnesiumacetatePotasium ChlorideVegetable oilPavo E´lyte 3 kgVitamin levels (per kg)Vitamin C 4.000 mgGuaranteed yieldsEnergy (EWPa) 0,45 Unit/ kgCrude protein 8 %Crude fat 1 %Crude fibre 14 %Crude minerals 32 %Sugar 7 %Chloride 14,0 %Starch 5 %Dextrose 6,0 %Minerals and trace elements (per kg)Calcium 0,7 %Phosphorus 0,3 %Sodium 9 %Potassium 4 %Magnesium 1 %Package:Sacking 3 kg.

Usage instructions:

Application:sport horses that sweat heavily - particularly in eventing, endurance, driving, dressage, jumping and racing. Feeding advice gram per day: 100 Horse (600 kg), 50 Pony (300 kg).Durability:Durability 18 mth.Storage advise:Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage.

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As always an excellent product from Pavo. Very easy to dose and my horses didn't have problem eating the pellets, like they have had with other products. I really like they are like pellets.

Pros: Has Nice details, Very durable, Fair price
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