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Blue Hors Eye Cleanser 100 ml

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For cleansing of the horse’s eyes, eyelids and eye surroundings against watery eyes, pasting and dirt.


  • Mild and effective cleansing of the eyes, the eyelids and the surroundings off the eyes
  • Reduces the risk of infection and pasting of the eyes
  • No irritation of the mucosa

Usage instructions:

User instructions: Use fingers to draw bottom eyelid down and apply 5-6 drops of Eye Cleaner into the corner of the eye. Release the eyelid and allow the horse to blink a couple of times. Apply a little Eye Cleaner onto a clean cotton pad and thoroughly clean the corner of the eye, area around the eye and coat. For normal watery eyes and dirt, clean 1-2 times a week.With very watery or dirty eyes or eyelids that stick easily, clean/apply daily. NB! If there is any sign of infection or cloudiness in the eye, the horse must be treated by a vet. Once opened use within 1 month. Store out of the reach of children.

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Blue Hors Eye Cleanser 100 ml