Hoof Care

Hoof Care

Hoof picks, hoof oil and hoof care products such as polish and conditioner help keep your horse’s hooves healthy and clean.
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Hoof picks keep hooves clean and trouble-free.

Proper hoof care is essential for the horse owner. Keeping your horse’s hooves clean and healthy is the first step toward maintaining proper hoof health. Hoof picks should be kept handy for grooming and be part of your daily care routine. Keeping dirt, mud, stones and debris out of your horse’s hooves can protect from lameness and disease. Hoof picks can fit easily into your pocket for emergency use on the trail or be kept in the trailer or truck for travel. A proper grooming kit contains at least one hoof pick with a brush on the tip to keep hooves clean. Taking care of your horse’s hooves will keep it happy and healthy and allow for plenty of time in the saddle for you.

Hoof care from Horze includes hoof picks and more.

Caring for your horse’s hooves is a must and adding a careful regimen of cleaning and protection to your daily routine is essential. Add hoof oil to the wall and sole of your horse’s hooves to maintain moisture and protect from cracks and dryness. Your horse’s health depends on proper hoof. Keeping hooves clean and nourished, alongside proper farrier care will keep it happy and performing at its best.