Footwear Accessories

Footwear Accessories

Our range of horse riding footwear accessories includes everything you need to make your riding footwear fit perfectly and look great. Sole inserts add cushioning and comfort, while boot jacks make light work out of taking off long riding boots.

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Sole inserts provide the comfort, lift and support you need 

Add sole inserts to your long riding boots to provide a bit of a lift while maintaining the longest silhouette you can. These inserts keep boots from digging into the back of your knees while you ride. They are soft and cushioned for all day comfort.

Boot jacks - the perfect accessory for taking off long riding boots fast.

Footwear accessories are a must to use with your favorite riding boots. Boot jacks make light work out of taking off your boots. Boot pulls help you put on tight long boots with ease. Don’t forget a pair of boot trees to keep your long boots in shape when stored away.