Kavalkade Half chaps Combi Sparkle

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Colour: Black
Black Kavalkade Half chaps Combi Sparkle
Size Chart
Size Size Length Calf width
01-XS 01-XS 14.57" 11.80"-12.06"
02-S 02-S 15.35" 12.60"-13.86"
06-SF 06-SF 15.35" 13.86"-14.17"
12-SFF 12-SFF 15.35" 14.17"-14.96"
09-SL 09-SL 16.14" 12.60"-13.86"
16-SLL 16-SLL 16.93" 12.60"-13.86"
03-M 03-M 16.14" 13.86"-14.17"
07-MF 07-MF 16.14" 14.17"-14.96"
13-MFF 13-MFF 16.14" 14.96"-15.75"
10-ML 10-ML 16.93" 13.86"-14.17"
04-L 04-L 17.72" 14.17"-14.96"
08-LF 08-LF 16.93" 14.96"-15.75"
14-LFF 14-LFF 16.93" 15.75"-16.54"
11-LL 11-LL 17.72" 14.17"-14.96"
05-XL 05-XL 17.72" 14.96"-15.75"
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Our Combi Chaps are a combination of real leather and faux leather. The faux leather is used on the outside of the chaps which makes them very easy to clean and slightly less elastic than leather chaps. The real leather is on the inside and provides a firm grip directly on the saddle flap. The stretch zone is located on the outer calf side. The zipper (from bottom to top) has a robust serration and is additionally secured with a safety button on top. A light and elegant dressage bow makes for a chic look!
The Combi Chaps Sparkle have a rhinestone band directly on the side, which makes the rider's leg look slim and sparkles slightly due to different light impressions. For the discreet but elegant ride!


  • Rhinestones on the side
  • Artificial leather outside and real leather inside
  • Elastic foot bar
  • Very easy to clean
  • Stretch zone on the outer calf side

Technical description:

Material: soft leather (inside), faux leather (outside).
Weight: 0,4 kg.

Usage instructions:

The Combi Chaps are ideal for the leisure riding. The zipper from bottom to top makes them less likely to open when riding or rubbing when wearing sports. Simple chaps in a dark colour are also generally permitted for tournaments. They should fit the ankle boot uniformly and not give a restless image of the rider.

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